Aug 10, 2013


Clear Cake Stand

I was searching online for unique customized cake stands and found these beauties.  I chose the clear box, that way I can personalize it by adding my own fillers.

Clear Cake Stand photo 1

Clear Cake Stand photo 2



(3) Comments

Shondra!!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! Where on earth did you find this linen and it would have went perfect with my wedding!!! I love it!!!! Girl I may buy it from you! I love your cake stand too!!!! Did you decide what to fill it up with? 

I LOVE rosette linens!! I know what you mean about it being the same price to buy as to rent...but I'm going through the process of selling my items and it's super annoying! lol. But I guess it's worth it in the long run. Your wedding is going to be stunning!

OMG this is beautiful, Love the bling.!!!!!!