May 28, 2011


Pro Pic's Guestbook

Our wedding ceremony verse was:

"Love is like a puzzle. It lasts until you've found the right part, but when you have found it you will never give it away."

We build this frame on our own (ok, my brother build it for us *haha*) but I painted it. Actually I wanted to paint the puzzle pieces in brown and burgundy like our color scheme but my Mum told me to do something looking better. As we asked our guest for colorful evening dresses she thought it would be nice to also paint the puzzles colorful - we thought that would be a great idea to have such colorful guest pics. We both are soooo happy how it came out.

























(4) Comments

I can never, EVER get enough of this guestbook idea!!! 

Great idea!! How fun!

These are so much fun! We had a frame ready for our guestbook pics too, but then forgot to use it... ;-)

This is the most unique thing I have ever seen and besides that it is fun!!!! These pictures are awesome. I freaking love your wedding!!!