Sep 28, 2013


Our story

Ours is a sort of typical love story, expect that I swore I would never meet my future husband where I actually did. After a year of being single following a bad break up from a three year relationship I met my FH at a local Irish pub one night while out with friends. Pretty simple huh? He had my heart before our first date; after meeting we took the time to get to know each other by phone and made plans for our first date the day after my 21st birthday, but he already had me when he called me on my birthday and sang happy birthday (even though he can't carry a tune in a bucket! lol). We fell in ove quickly and knew it'd be forever. I wish I could say we were high school sweethearts or that he'd been my only love because he's all I'll ever need or wanted but we came together after having our own unique past relationship experiences and both agree that we met at our perfect times. Since then we continue to grow and love one another and for us, it feels like there's never been anyone else. I love him, and can't wait to become his wife!

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THat's sweet! And i agree with your FI that meeting at the right time is a huge part of the equation!!! <3

Aw, congrats! Simple and sweet, just how life should be :)

What a cute story!!Congrats on finding the man of your dreams!!

Love your story and congratulations on your engagement!