Sep 08, 2012



How old are you both? im 24 and hes 27, ill be 25 a month after our wedding

Do you have any pets? nope, but we have a 1 year old who thinks shes a dog! ;)

Was the proposal a complete surprise?  unfortunatly, not!

Will the wedding guests be "balanced?" he has more family then i do, but friend wise, we have all mutual friends, (with the exception of like 3 that we are each friends with from childhood)

What are you most looking forward to about being married? everything!!! i was NEVER a wedding person! its something i drempt about, but after a very unsuccessful 5 year relationship, i was against the whole idea! at that point, i didnt see the difference between dating someone exclusivly and getting married. then i met drew, and will do ANYTHING to become one with him. other then our daughter, marriage is the one thing that will cement us together as a family.

Inside or outside? ceremony- inside a church. reception- in and outside

How many people will be there?  120

Time of day?  11 am ceremony            1pm-1am reception

Any kind of theme?  wedding. haha. no particular theme! decor wise, purple and b&w damask

How many bridesmaids? 3 BM 1 MOH

What kind of cake/what will it look like? a 9" cake for us to cut, with a tower of mini cupcakes around it in different flavors. im a snacker, so i liked the bitesize options of cupcakes so everyone can try everything!

What kind of dress will you have/color/material? jeeze.. im terrible at describing things! its white, a-line, has 3 tiers at the bottom, and beading under the bust. you'll all see it in action after sept 8!

What kind of flowers in your bouquet?  silk. this goes into the category of "i stink at describing" so again, youll see it in action soon!

Kind of engagement ring?  it has a vintage feel to it. see above section of DIY e-pics.

How will you wear your hair?  volume up top, with a low bun

How long will you be engaged before you get married? 8.5 months december 25,2011-sept 8, 2012

Live together before or wait till married?  Living together now

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple? deffiantly simple! mostly DIY. im a tight budget bride. but it has all been planned since 2 months post engagement, so over the past 6 months i have just been fine tuning everything

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made? pre made! we arent having anything unique at our ceremony. we both agreed that we'd like it to be as quick as humanly possible. our minister said it should take 17 minutes total, include the walk down the aisle. if i could cut it any shorter, i would! i just wana say i do!

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Those pics are amazing! <3 Your daughter is so sweet!

Your pro pics are abosolutly gorgeous!!!!

I love the Q&A on your bio. I wishi had done that. still might lol

I bet you are getting so excited. Your big day is almost here.  Love your bio.  Good luck with everything.