Sep 14, 2013


My Pink Lady

After a lot of searching, and a lot of stress. I returned to the original designer I had wanted to deal with. Could be more excited (Chandler Bing moment)?? So without ado, here she is!!

My Pink Lady photo 1


I am adding a couple of custome elements to her so that she really screams Michelle.

I will be adding a sweetheart neckling, a la this bride:

My Pink Lady photo 2

And also a peekaboo petticoat like this bride:

My Pink Lady photo 3

Not sure if you can really make it out all that well, but it is black polkadots on black.

Now off to find deadly shoes!

(6) Comments

Thats a really cute style! Especially for the style of wedding you are going for. 

Just bueutiful!! I am so loving it :)

Thanks ladies! I'm so so in love. Haha, I LOVE Chandler.

I love your dress. Such a statement!!