Sep 14, 2013


Strike a Pose!

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Ok, I'll start with the men. Since I don't really know too much about what's going on with them, this will have the Band Aid effect. Quick and painless.

Strike a Pose photo 1

They will be dressed as such, but Beard will be wearing black pants with a grey vest/tie. The groomsmen will be also wearing black pants with grey suspenders and I'm assuming a grey tie.

Strike a Pose photo 2

I am using a convertible dress for the ladies because well, my MOH/BMs are all so so different not only in personality but also in body shape. The dresses will be black, and can wear them any way they choose. I figured this was best so while each is different there is still some consistancy.

They also have the option of using a bandeau, though not required. I only asked that they use either charcoal grey or butter yellow.

Strike a Pose photo 3Strike a Pose photo 4

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I really love the convertible dresses! We almost choose one for my girls but then we went a different route.