Sep 14, 2013


Ceremony Pizazz

I would like it set up like so:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 1

but instead of chairs:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 2

Flower Girls throwing (but sheet music instead):

Ceremony Pizazz photo 3

Aisle lined with:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 4

Sign at Ceremony seating entrance:

Ceremony Pizazz photo 5

Altar Inspiration (being made by dad):

Ceremony Pizazz photo 6

But instead of the things that are dangling in the picture have mason jars with fairy berries in them to light up the altar.

Something like this (but with lights instead of flowers in water, obv.):

Ceremony Pizazz photo 7

(6) Comments

Wow, I seriously cannot wait to see all this come together!

I can't wait to see photos from your wedding! The hay bales are awesome! 

You have some gorgeous inspiration elements.  This is going to be fun to watch come to life.  Hope you're having fun with it.  It certainly looks awesome from where I'm standing! :) 

Thanks! I thought the seating felt more intimate than just having us stand in front of everyone & Pavez as said mom makes jellies for a living so I have way too many mason jars to work with!