Feb 09, 2013



My Decor will be all white table cloths with purple overlays only in satin and in oganza to alternate. Plum and Lavender.

Decor photo 1Decor photo 2Decor photo 3


And on the tables will be a floating center piece and alternate with fresh flower center pieces here are some of my inspirations......


Decor photo 4Decor photo 5Decor photo 6



So far i have decorated some vases i want to use for the flowers only. I hope they arent to tacky??


Decor photo 7


I made my own archway pieces too this is the ONLY place you will see artifical flowers. I hate fake plants. Im not putting too much emphasis on these to be quite honest. Ceremony is 10-15 min i doubt these will be a main focus a top of an archway. They are not quite done one more trip to hobby lobby and thats one less task to do! 


Decor photo 8

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Those vases are awesome!! You are doing great!!

These really look amazing! You cannot even tell they are fake, swear! And I love what you have done to the candle holders.

Great job!!! I love how vibrant the colors you chose are and they do not look fake at all.  : )

Wow!! you did an amazing job!! I love those flowers and they look so real!