Oct 26, 2013


Country Vintage

My FI and I are proud of our Southern heritage.  He's from the hills of Kentucky and I grew up in southeast Alabama.  I have bucked against the country thing when I was younger, but now that I'm a mom of three I like the idea of living in a town where everyone knows you and your kids and won't let them get away with much because they'll tell your parents kind of thing. lol

Since all of my grandparents have passed on I really wish I could go back and learn the things from them that are such an integral part of life in the south.  The sewing and quilting.  The preaching (Papaw was a preacher at a country church) and the farming and the way they would help any person they saw in need...   So this is my way of embracing those roots.  To have a sweet, simple southern wedding where the tea is sweet and the vows are sweeter.  

I've done a LOT of thinking about what makes the South unique.  What do you think about when you think about the South?  And how can I bring that out at my wedding?  So there's gonna be pearls and lace... always lace!  And they'll be faux mercury glass (because the real stuff will kill you!).  Burlap and daisies.  Mismatched china teacups and vintage hankies.  Quilts on the hay bales.   And family reunion food.  I think the food is a big part of how we come together down here.   I can't wait to have chicken and dumplings at my reception! lol   And a pie bar with every wonderful kind of combination you can imagine.   

I want everyone there to really feel the love and adoration that Travis and I have for one another.  And I want it to be a huge celebration of that!  

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Love your idea! My DH and I are both from the south as well and we wanted to get married in the south and let people experience it!

This sounds wonderful! As an Iowa girl born and bred, I can't really contribute but I'm loving your ideas so far! Can't wait to see and read more :)

I LOVE the way you described your wedding and the ideas you have for it! 

I love it too!  It's so sweet and simple.  Proud to be a country girl :)    <3