Jul 21, 2012


Honeymoon, to be discovered.

Well, for now I am set on Costa Rica, I am waiting for hubby to agree. I really would have liked to have done an Asia trip but hubby dosen't want to go so far away.

We decided not to take a honeymoon initially however we still plan to do a few things, just so many other things that are a priority after the wedding. For now we are going to take a trip to Negril Treehouse in Negril Jamaica either in Sept or Oct. The facility is owned by one of my clients so when I saw the deal on LivingSocial I picked it up. I am still researching Costa Rica and have an idea on where I want to stay but need hubby to get on board. He is traveling to his home country of Nigeria, I may tag along for a little bit but I don't consider this a vacation since he will be working most of the time but if we can get a trip to visit Accra, Ghana then I will be pleased.

Negril, Jamaica - Negril Treehouse Resort.

It is a 70 room property located on Negril's famous 7 Mile Beach. I am sure hubby is going to try to run that 7 miles, he loves to jog/run on the beach. It includes a complimentary breakfast buffet that I have heard great reviews on so I am excited. It's an older resort compared to what you find in Montego or Negril but it is small and quaint, with old fashion charm, so just what we are looking for and still maintains the characteristics of the island.

Honeymoon to be discovered photo 1


Costa Rica - Papagayo Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa

I have been researching this property near the papagayo area, this property has a lot of amenities and things to do and all inclusive.

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I'm really excited to visit the peninsula papagayo area even if it's not at the Hilton, this area is breathtaking.

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Accra, Ghana

I keep hearing wonderful things about this area so I am excited to visit since we are normally a few hours away by plane from Nigeria. I want to visit Labadi beach, this picture is Labadi Beach Hotel area.

Honeymoon to be discovered photo 7


Updated 2/10/2013 - So far the only thing we've done is visited the Negril Treehouse during the weekend on 2/24/13 for 5 days and 4 nights and it was awesome, it was very calming. It's a very low key type of place, it's not a big or first class resort, it's a small 70 room resort in Negril that sits right on a stretch of 7 mile beach and it is really chill and beautiful all at the same time. It is not all inclusive, breakfast is included complimentary, and there are some discounts on a few services, and free paddle boarding lessons but the rate was very reasonable. I like that food was not included because it forced us to visit and walk more to visit some of the local restaurants. We went snorkeling, did stand up paddle boarding and sailing, I think it was a nice break for us since we haven't taken a honeymoon yet and this is the first break we have had since the wedding last July. From the wedding, we both went back to work, moved in to our new place and have been settling in to married life.......marriage is a lot of work ladies! We plan to do Costa Rica or somewhere late on in the year. Here is a picture from Negril.


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