Aug 18, 2012


Express Yourself

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I think your accessories are a huge part of telling who you are.  I had just as much fun picking them out as I did my dress!


I didn't want the traditional garter.  I used this one as my inspiration

Express Yourself photo 1

this one is my creationExpress Yourself photo 2


I needed to find a shoe that didn't have much of a heel.  I ended up going with a fun shoe from Poetic License. Not only are they adorable but really comfortable.

Express Yourself photo 3


I love these earrings!  Tejani has such beautiful jewelry for your big day! It was so hard to choose but these are the ones! This company is amazing!

Express Yourself photo 4

With my love of Antique Shops I knew I wanted to find my own brooch and DIY this bracelet.  That way it had more meaning to me.  

Express Yourself photo 5Express Yourself photo 6

I found my Antique Brooch!  It is a lovely Eisenberg ICE piece. The beads were found at Michaels craft store. I ordered the clasp on Etsy.  Here is my DIY brooch bracelet!

Express Yourself photo 7


To DIY or not DIY? That is the ? I ran out of time so I bought mine beautiful sash on etsy from  yanethandco she did such an amazing job! This one isn't mine but mine is similair



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Love that garter!

Beautiful elements! Love the garter!

I love that sash!!