Aug 18, 2012



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Location Location Location 

We knew we wanted to get married somewhere that was important to us.  After looking at a dozens possible venues we decided on Ojiketa Park in Chisago, MN.  We love being on the lake in the summer so the location was perfect!  We will be getting married on Green Lake, and the best part was the cheapest venue!


This will be our ceremony location

Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 2

These are possible ceremony ideas

Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 3

Venue photo 1 

Ceremony Non-Pros

We had an outdoor doorway into our ceremony

This is a picture of the back

My husband built our altar out of 100 yr old barnwood.  So beautiful!

{Ceremony Pros}

I can still feel the sunshine on my face as the doors opened and my two favorite men walked me down the aisle to my future husband.


This is where the reception will take place. 

Venue photo 2

We are going for the vintage / rustic look.  This is my inspiration for the reception


Venue photo 3


Reception Non-Pros

Here's our Reception photos! The Lanterns and lights really set the mood.


Getting ready for the big day

Grand Entrance and Mr and Mrs



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What an AWESOME door to the ceremony!! And that alter! Totally swooning at all of your photos.

Love your venue!! And the lanterns!

That is so cool your husband built the alter! And I love the lights and lanterns!