Oct 27, 2012


How We Met

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We met first time in First Grade at High School, I only see him as a nice friend.  I never thought he had a feeling to me.  In the second grade, I and my family moved to other city. Even I already moved to other city, he’s the only boy who always keeps in touch with me, even only with Post Cards or Christmas Greeting Cards.  My sister asked me, why he always send u card?  I said “I don't know, maybe someday he will be my fate ".  But I'm not serious with my words.

After six years we're apart, I Graduated from University and decided to find a job in my old city.  Then I moved and find my old friends , that time I contact him, He's so happy and want to meet me, but that time He's already have a girlfriend.  But I didn't care because I only want to meet him as a friend.

After that meeting, we never met in few months, until in February 2005 we met in Church where he's family married in my Church.  That time we talked and he told me that he already broke up with his girlfriend.  And he asked me to meet him again, and then we started dating on March 26, 2005.

After falling in love, process time with his family  , Waiting time , and after Seven years we decided to getting marry in October 27, 2012.

I Know He's my Fate... I Pray God always with us


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What a romantic story!

Awwww!!! I love your story and yes, he is your fate and your soulmate! I am so excited about your wedding!

It's a wonderful love story and I wish you all the best, I have the same wedding month as you both except its next yr. I love your colour scheme, mine is cerise, sliver and white with a butterfly theme.