Aug 10, 2013


The proposal ...

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David always told me that he would pop the question when I least expected it and boy did he. You see our five years of being together is on September 26 and I just knew that's when he would have to do it, now I had no idea he had a ring or not I just figured it has been long enough. So this past Friday (September 21st) our new iPhone 5's were delivered and I had been excited for them the come since we pre-ordered them on the 14th. David had teased me all week saying I cared more about the iphone then I did an engagement ring and I would probably be more excited about the phone, not true! Anyway, that afternoon we started getting ready to go to the high school homecoming football game to watch my youngest brother play, as I was looking for something to wear David came into the room holding a Chicago Bears shirt and said "Honey I bought you a shirt." when I took the shirt  he told me to look at the back, as I turned it around it read "Mrs. Miller" it took me a moment to realise what was going on I must have read it like 3 times before I turned around to look at David, and there he was on one knee with the ring in his hand asking "honey, Will you Marry Me?" I was so speechless all I did was jump up and down with excitement, after I calmed down I told him yes of course and that this was way better than the new iphone!!! And he just said well now you have both lol! I love that man.

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I know it was so cute!! thank you!!!

I love that he put Mrs. Miller on the back!! Congrats on your engagement!!!