Sep 28, 2013


Bought my Wedding Dress!

I'm a real bride now! I found my wedding dress today!!! I had always thought that I would have to try on 20 different dresses and go crazy (because I'm the type of LIbra that needs to explore ALL options before I can committ) but I saw it, loved it, tried it on, and that was it :) I could tell that it was all I ever wanted when I started doing laps back and forth in front of the mirror so that I could watch the gorgeous train trail behind me! lol. The funny thing is I used to give my sister a hard time about how she picked her dress--> it was the first and only one she tried on but she KNEW that it was the dress for her (and it was, it was simply amazing on much so that one of our cousins bought a dress VERY similar to it from the same store for her own wedding lol). But in any case, I totally get it know; that ultimate feeling of this is it, I feel great and lok perfect, and I don't even want to try on another. As a gift, my mother purchased my wedding gown for me (like she did for my sister when she got married). But let me share the best feature of all (because if you haven't figured out by now that I'm all about getting the best deal possible then, Hi. My name is Sam. I'm not cheap, I smart with my money!), the dress regularly cost $4000.00 (EEEPPP!!!) waaaaaaaay out of what I deemed my price range to be, but I did what do many other girls like me do when they get excited about wedding dress shopping; I tried it on without looking at the price tag. Thankfully, we know the store owners and have been going there for years for various things and the owner gave us an amazing deal--> $2800 taxes in! And thats including adding lace/blinged out caped sleeves, an extra crinolin skirt (because I want this baby to be huge!) and a cathedral length viel with custom lace trim (AWESOME!!)


I'm so happy that I found the one, it's classy, elegant, and gives me a sexy hourglass shape while keeping my girls in check lol. It's an A-Line corset back gown with lace, pearl, and rinestone beading with a gorgeous train. I purchased it in Ivory because the White was MEGA white and washed me out but the Ivory is light enough that you don't think about it (not that I care!). It's being custom made in Milan, Italy and will arrive here in May 2013 so that I can do my fittings before the wedding in September. I think that being a student, I resigned myself to thinking I couldn't do the finer things here and there for my big day, and so I began to believe that I would have to make all sorts of concessions but the kindness and generosity that my mom showed me today is just simply amazing (like she's been from the start) and totally made me feel like a million dollars! Greg and I are going to be planning a special thank you gift for her and my step father for all the help, we're actually thinking of sending them away on vacation to the carribean, but that will be after the wedding lol. 

I'll be honest, if I had seen the picture of my dress prior to seeing it in person I probably wouldn't have liked it as much because I don't like the look of the model lol, but the train is much longer than it appears in the photograph and I look WAY better than her in it! LMFAO (or I will when I lose some pre-wedding weight lol). In any case, it's perfect and gives a vintage glam touch to my wedding without going over the top.

Let me know what you ladies think!

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Eeeep love her! Can't wait to see you in it!

So pretty!


What a BEAUTIFUL dress! Can't wait to see you in it - it's absolutely gorgeous!