Sep 08, 2012


my slice of HOSTESS heaven

on september 27, 2012 i was privlaged enough to be asked to join the hostess team! i couldnt be happier or more honored to be a part of the nicest community on the internet! i mentioned this in my sign off, and i will say it again because i truly believe it... as crazy of a world we live in, PW must have slipped through the cracks because everyone on here is so amazing!

if you are a new member and reading this, WELCOME! other then winning the lottery, this website will be the most essential and helpful tool you could have found to prepare for the most amazing day of your life!

if you are a PW vet and reading this, i just want to say THANKYOU for being such an important and helpful resource in my planning and life, and i love all of you!!

pink heart cake

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Wohoo Congrats for getting this pink heart!!! :)

Yay!!!! You look good in Pink!!!!

PINK looks so good on you!

Im so happy to be on the hostess team with you!!!!