Aug 03, 2013


DIY: I spray painted my centerpice Vases

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Hey Ladies, 


I love little vintage,little antique and simple looking stuff and the vases that I could rent for my wedding where nice but so not what I was looking for. So I bought vases in the shape that I liked at a dollar store:


1 € for the smaler ones, 4€for the bigger ones.


so 100€ for 40 Vases aka 20 Centerpieces. I love white or cream colored Vases but they would have costet me at least 10€ oer Vase...


So I decided to spray paint them :)


This is how they turned out (with just some random flowers that I used to decored the table) and a little from the process


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-1


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-2


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-3


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-4




The first vase I painted with a expensive color and tried to giv the hole vase an even cover. But the color was only enogh for one and a half Vases and I understood that doing it that way would cost my WAY to much money, so I bought cheap spray paint from a store for cunstruction supplies and gave the Vases only a light cover of paint. It saved me a lot of money and they look even more old and "vintagy" ;)


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-5 


Here is a mock up with the table linens that I am going to rent for the wedding. I colected different picture frames that will be on the table with diffrent pics of FI and myself inside. Its hard to see but the fabric under the senterpices is light blue. The Vases will vontane Flowers and the Glases around them swimming candles and water.






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You did a really great job! These look wonderful!