Aug 03, 2013


My Engagement Ring <3

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Ladies I never showed you my ring: 


And I love it so much!!! So I just took a few minutes to take pics (im not a photografer obviously ;)


My Engagement Ring 3 photo 1


Ladies I never showed photo 3411156-2


Ladies I never showed photo 3411156-3


Ladies I never showed photo 3411156-4




My FI saw it online and imidiatly thought it was perfect.


We have a long distance relationship and befor we officaly became a couple things where so hard and it looked like we would never come together.


Even before we startet our relationship he told me: "It looks like we are both going on our own way in life but Im shure someday God will make our paths become one so that we can go together."


For many month I thought of this words when I got discouraged and the moment I saw the ring he pict I thought about the two ways finally meeting :)


I told him and he was so suprised, he didnt think about it when picking the ring at all :)


In Germany engagement rings are not that important and are mostly silver with a little stone. Just zirkonia stones, when he told me that my ring is wite gold with 17 real diamonds I thought he was kidding :)


He is a student with no money at all :) And he had to pay 100$ to get it resized to fit my finger, cause the two center stones have a gap between them and its hard to change the size without ruining the ring :)

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