Oct 27, 2012


Music, Centerpieces and favors

My bridal party and I will be walking down to the same song: "Nothing Eles Matters" by Apocolyptica. Its a remake from Metallica.

Recessional: HIM- "Right Here in my arms"

Entrance to Recption: Black Eyed Peas- "Dont Stop the Party"

First Dance: Avenged Sevenfold- "Warmness on the Soul"

Cake Cutting: Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams"

Garter Removal: not sure yet

Garter Toss: Iron Maiden "run to the hills"

Bouquet Toss: Nelly Furtatdo "maneater"



Music Centerpieces and favors photo 1

Mine will have red lights in the vase with some black feathers as well as the white.


Music Centerpieces and favors photo 2


My cousins make them and we are also using actual sticks!

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Omg it took us 9 hours to do the apples lol.

Love your centerpieces and favors!!!

Great music choices! The centerpieces are going to be fabulous! I love that you're having the caramel apples done with real sticks. It's going to be great!