Jul 13, 2013



My mother is a florist, and I used to help her, so we pretend to make the flowers arrangements. I've thought to use some wine bottles, but I don't have sure about it...... There are some ideas here:

Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2

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I love it!! Can't wait to see your wedding!!

Hello SDonisi,

Thanks for the ideas ; ) I loved those inspirations!!

I was thinking to use bottles in some tables with candles around, and use vases in the others. 

Hi Mrs. Cale!!

Yes, I think that would be great to use them! Well, there are so many options...but I'm thinking to use wild flowers, roses and carnations, and this yellow flower in the photo, here in Brazil we called "tango".

I love the wine bottle idea! You could carry that throughout your whole wedding if you wanted. You could do table numbers on wine bottles and have one on each table with flowers in them, put candles in them and hang them could do a lot! Here is a link with a few bits of inspiration for you :)