Oct 26, 2013

I am having a spring wedding, my colours are pink,purple,sliver and white.FI and I have been engaged for 2 yrs.We want our wedding day to reflect us and our families. Our ceremony is going to be on the headlands in the coastal town where we live and our reception will be in a function room on the the water canals at our local club.

My Reception

Our Reception has changed to a different location due to a double booking that was not our flaut. Our ceremony and reception is now in seperate places.We are now having our reception in a resturant function center called Pier One at our local Panthers Club.The picture below is the room done up but my colours on the tables and chairs will be purple,pink and silver.



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Lovely venue and I agree with Mica, I love the name of the venue as well!

That sounds wonderful and I absolutely love the name!  Can't wait to see more pics and congrats on finding a venue!  :D