Dec 27, 2012

A married Mrs. living one day at a time, still so in love with weddings!

The things I know so far....

My grandmother is making my cake....A giant gingerbread house that everyone can munch on throughout the evening :) She is in the process of designing it so I can't wait to see what she comes up with The things I know so far photo 1

She is also making my sisters flower maiden dress I'll post pics later of course :)

My ladies are wearing Alfred Angelo dresses in hunter green 7016 if y'all want to take a look 

and my maid of honor is wearing 7193 also in hunter green

These are our invitations we made the other dayThe things I know so far photo 2

and we won't be serving dinner but we will be having veggie fruit and cheese trays along with a dessert bar and a hot chocolate bar

The things I know so far photo 3

The things I know so far photo 4

and lastly we will have notecards set out for people to leave us advice and encouragement and they can put them in the mr and mrs stockings we'll have hung on the fireplace in the venue

The things I know so far photo 5

(7) Comments

I love all your ideas! your giant gingerbread house sounds awesome ! so unique <3 and that pepermint candy bar love love love! cang wait for pics 

The stocking idea is sooo cute!!!

I know! Ugh so much to do! Every day is busy busy busy.

Wow! I just love all these ideas especially the stockings!!! You are soooo close!