Jul 13, 2013



So "retro" is the key.

I found these for insiration.. 

Invitations photo 1 Invitations photo 2

Invitations photo 3 Invitations photo 4

All from Pinterest 


The invitations are ready! Sorry for the bad quality pics from my phone...


We printed the wording on an envelope. Our DJ made us a cd with some retro disco music mix to copy and put inside instead of a normal paper invitation. We got the cds extremely cheap at a wholesale. This way the invitations are double purpose: they introduce the guests to the wedding theme and they will be able to keep them as a memorabilia like a favor.

The front of the invitation

The back. It has a hole so one can see the cd like the inspiration pics


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Oh my gosh - I sure hope you go with these invites! They are so amazing!

Your theme is so cool!  Hope it all comes together for you.

Thank you girls!! Hope we can pull it off!!

That is going to be awesome!!