Jul 29, 2011


Megan Edith

On Thursday, July 12th 2012, Megan Edith Emmott arrived punctually on her due date at 6:16 pm. She weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz and measured 20 1/2 inches long :)

Her first "picture" at 14 weeks

Megan Edith photo 1

Me at 39 weeks

Megan Edith photo 2

Our first family picture :)

Megan Edith photo 3

At a wedding in August

Megan Edith photo 4

With her "dadda" in October at the pumpkin patch

Megan Edith photo 5

Her 5 month picture :)

Merry Christmas!!

7 months old!

11 months old!! She's "soooo big!!!" 

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Awwwww!! What a sweet baby! Love this page :) Congrats!

she looks so adorable!!! Congratz...  :)

What a little cutie!!! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations shes beautiful, your a beautiful family!