May 20, 2010



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                      Deborah and Michael

                                                        Est. October 2003


We met at work back in 2002.  We hated each other.  Well, that's an exaggeration.  He thought I was b***h, I thought he was obnoxious.  I was engaged, so I blew him off.  And off he went.  We didn't travel in the same circles, until about a year later ( when I was single again).  He apparently started asking a friend of mine about me.  I didn't take it seriously because I was still heartbroken over my fiance leaving me and we had  NEVER even had a conversation.  Not even a chit chat.  But he was persistent and I finally gave in.  Our first date was when he drove 2 hours to take me to dinner.  But by that time, everything was closed so we went to Denny's.  We drank coffee and hot chocolate and talked for hours.  It took a couple more dates to figure out that this wasn't just a "rebound".  And we've spent every day of the past 5 years on the roller coaster of lif e and love :)



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LOL!!! How funny!! How CUTE!!! My FI and I also meet at work at we noticed eachother but never spoke he also had a friend come up to me and tell me that i had a beautiful smile and the following day he asked for my digits...LOL!!!...we would make eye contact though and smile :) !!! LOL!!! How CUTE though!!!  :) COngrats and happy planning!!!


you guys are really cute!

That's such a cute story.