Aug 10, 2013


Bridesmaid dresses

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So I want my girls to love their dress and feel comfortable along with looking gorgeous! I really don't understand the whole make them look terrible so I stand out way of thinking. I mean HELLO your in the white gown there is no way anyone one will show you up on your wedding day, and the only person your hurting is your self because you'll be the one showing the pictures off and have them in you home, so why not make them look BEAUTIFUL!! Anyway, here is what I found that I like and sent them to my girls for there opinions. My color scheme is shades of pink with silver accents, and since I plan to wash the hall in pink I thought that my girls would look great in silver, lets face it not everybody loves pink or looks good in it for that matter. My sister, especially was please to hear she doesn't have to spend money on a pink gown.

Bridesmaid dresses photo 1 Bridesmaid dresses photo 2 Liz Fields

I like the idea of both styles and letting each girl choose between the two.

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These are beautiful. Love the color.