Jul 04, 2009


Bridal Shower

My beautiful MOH hosted my shower at her mother's home and it was gorgeous! All of the flowers I wanted for my wedding would be out of season when I was in Australia, so she bought ALL of them to decorate at the shower!! It was gorgeous, the food was yummy, the company was beautiful, and I felt truly loved. I really enjoyed myself. :)

Bridal Shower photo 1Bridal Shower photo 2

Bridal Shower photo 3Bridal Shower photo 4

Bridal Shower photo 5

Bridal Shower photo 6

(4) Comments

Ive never seen your bands before ...... LOVE them!!!!

Your story is so adorable! I am very happy for you! Your bird ideas are cute!

thats so awesome! God is love! :)

Yes, we definitely have the same idea going on. I love your stuff as well. Love Birds are awesome. Actually...I love "your story" the most. How cool is that?! It sounds like something you would read in a romance novel. :)