May 14, 2009


Photo Guestbook

Instead of a "traditional" white guestbook that would end up in the closet, we decided to make our own photobook with our engagement pictures as our guestbook.

I made the book through Picaboo.com.  Overall I loved the design program and the number of templates available for use.  The quality of the book was good also, however the back photo on the book is crooked, and there are dents in the front cover.

Photo Guestbook photo 1 Photo Guestbook photo 2

Photo Guestbook photo 3 Photo Guestbook photo 4

Non pro-pics, day-of:

Photo Guestbook photo 5

(6) Comments

Beautiful! I'd love to use your guestbook as inspiration- would you mind if I posted one of your pictures, crediting you of course, as my inspiration on my bio!?

Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh, I'm doing this too!!  I never heard of Picaboo.com... I was going to do it through www.shutterfly.com... I'll have to check your site out :)

Ok I want to steal this idea too!