May 16, 2009



After much thought and suffering we have decided to scrap our old invites and get new ones. The postcard style just didn't make the statement we wanted for our wedding. We want people to open their invitations and go "wow that is gorgeous, I can't wait to go!"

So Here are the two invites side by side. The smaller postcard are the old ones and the new ones are the larger more formal looking invite sample. Now i will also get the joy of stalking the mailbox for rsvp cards!!

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2

They are ready to go out!

Invitations photo 3Invitations photo 4Invitations photo 5Invitations photo 6


(4) Comments

i love the invitations... where did you get them?

Awwwh!!! So Pretty!!!

did you buy them or make them?

great job...they are both beautiful!