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Our Story - Who We Are

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I have been a member for a little while and figured it was time I get my rear in gear and get my bio started.  I am never really sure how to start the bio's you find on the different wedding sites.  Some are easier than others and give you topics to write about, this one doesn't so bare with me if this is a little disjointed it's early and I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet!

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I was going to title this Who are Smoochies and Sweet Pea, but I figured if he ever saw that he would literally kill me! 

Josh aka Smoochies is a 35 (soon to be 36) year old former Marine, welder, carpenter and now full time student. Born and raised in Virginia, he is a total country guy! He is one class away from graduating with his Bachelor's degree. I so envy him! He has been married twice before and is a father of four great kids. His major passion in life has to do with R/C airplanes and 3D flying. He is an awesome pilot and I can't wait until I learn enough to be able to fly with him.

He has opened up the Virginia Chapter of a non profit group named Wings for Wishes.  Wings for Wishes was founded by a fellow rc airplane enthusiast, now friend in Montana two years ago.  It is a small group consisting of radio control pilots who are using their hobby to promote and bring awareness to the public about the Make A Wish Foundation.  Every day this man who was once a stranger and now is my world amazes me with his unselfish acts.  I am so proud to be able to say this man is my future husband!

I'm Alicia aka Sweet Pea (I melt everytime he calls me that!) am a 39 year old full time college student. I am a city girl from the North, Philadelphia burbs specifically. I moved to Richmond Virginia 7 years ago. I was laid off from the company I worked at as an executive assistant to the CEO two years ago. That is when I decided to return to school. I wish I could say I was as close to graduating as Josh but sadly no :( I have been married twice before with no sucess - wrong person(s) wrong place, wrong time. I am extactically happy to say that is not the case this time. As the saying goes the third time is the charm!

I have three "children", ok well they are four legged children. Bella who is a yellow lab german shepard mix, and Max who is a Heinz 57 although every one swears he is a pit due to the chow and boxer in him (poor boy gets a bad rep from that). Josh couldn't stand them in the beginning as he was a non pet type of person. I warned him from the beginning that we were a package deal :) In the last year the transformation of a non pet person into their "daddy" has been utterly amazing! We just added to our family with our third baby, and she is a baby. We found Gabby and adopted her when she was four months old. So now we have a "His", "Hers", and "Ours" We both enjoy the RC airplne sport as well as movies, cooking, gardening, home improvements and tons more!

That is us in a nutshell :)

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"His, Hers, and Ours pets" it!!! Such a sweet story :)