Jun 22, 2013


Our Story - How We Met

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We actually both laugh at this story.

I am a long term kind of girl.  I had recently broken up with my ex of 6 years.  We owned a house together and had remained friends, so much so that I was still living in our house as room mates with him when Josh and I met.  I was in school pursuing my nursing degree and the fact that we were still friends made it easier on me with the fact that I didn't have to look for a new place to live with two large dogs in tow.

A friend had told me about a dating/social networking site called and suggested I check it out.  When you are a full time nursing student - you have no life outside of the text books.  This is especially true for me.  I had signed up on the website but didn't really have a chance to check it out.  So, on a Friday night after completely exhausting myself from studying (yes I know I told you I had no I decided to log on and see what the site was all about.  For several hours I wandered through profile after profile after profile.  I saw some good looking guys and some, well not so good looking  I had already decided I was just killing time on the site as newly out of a relationship I was not looking, wanting, searching, pining over having someone else in my life at this particular point in time. I had way too much going on with working at a law office full time and full time school.

So out of the blue, I receive an email from this guy.  It was a really polite email, how he had seen my profile and picture.  He explained he was a full time student, and would like to take me out to dinner some time.  Short and sweet but to the point :)  So I made a point of checking out his profile.  Ok, well great but not great.  I mean he was really good looking, but younger than I was and shorter than I am and he lived over an hour away from me.  I wasn't looking for anything so I figured instead of stringing him along I would be upfront and honest with him.  I sent him a message back saying thanks, but no thanks.  I worked full time and went to school full time and that I just wasn't going to have the time.

Well little did I know, but my email back was an unsaid challenge to him.  He instant messaged me and we ended up "talking" all night into the wee hours of the morning.  We exchanged numbers and ended up playing phone tag a couple of times the next day.  Once we got on the phone and actually talked I became quite interested.  I am going to sound like a guy here but I still wasn't looking for a relationship, I had come out of a relationship that had not been intimate for two years and I was on the prowl...LOL  I then started pursuing him, I suggested we meet that night, which is when he began playing hard to get.  I got the well I am in the middle of doing homework and it needs to get done yadda yadda yadda...Needless to say I got my way and we met that night for dinner.

We started out as a casual thing and quickly became really good friends and have been inseperable ever since.  Here I was not looking for a relationship at all, no way no how no sir and I have ended up finding my best friend and as corny as it may sound, "The One".  I honestly can't imagine us not being together and Josh not being in my life.  He brings a lot of love and passion in to our relationship along with a quirkiness that I adore.  He makes me laugh all of the time and causes me to melt every time he in his souther country boy twang calls me his Sweet Pea.  He is my rock and I have become his.  I honestly never thought that a city girl like myself would ever meet up with and become involved with a country boy, but we honestly are ying and yang.  We are the perfect balance for one another and it is a most awesome feeling to finally feel and be complete!

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What a great story!!!!!