Jun 22, 2013


Planning - Will We Ever Have A Date?

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Josh and I probably take the record on the couple with the most wedding dates.  This has been a long exhausting process that has had many ups and downs, and quite frankly I was at my end of it all by the time we finally chose our final date!

When it was brought up the first time we discussed an October wedding(date #1).  I brought up having it take place at the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) museum in Indiana.  I thought this would be fun as this is a big part of our lives.  I looked into it briefly however it seemed that the whole theme/wedding was becoming completely Josh and I was no were to be found.  We then came to our senses and decided to wait on getting married and considered this a practice run for when/if we decided down the road that this was what we truly wanted.

After the official proposal and acceptance in December planning began to take place in full force.  Watch out world I was a bride on a mission!!  Picking a date is hard to do when dealing with a couple who had both been married twice before in different months.  Trying to come up with a date that wasn't close to the prior marriages was tending to be difficult.  Then I had to take our school schedules into account as well.  We certainly couldn't be getting married during finals.  That would not make for an enjoyable wedding or a good start for either one of us.  So with this being said we decided on May 18th(date #2).  We decided we wanted to do something fun, so I came up with the idea of going to Vegas and doing a small ceremony there.  We weren't going to do one of the corny low budget chapels but we weren't going to have a full out wedding/reception either, just immediate family and a couple really close friends.  

Through all of the wedding planning, the one thing that Josh has made abundantly clear was that he didn't see the need to spend $10k+ on a wedding(He really has NO clue how much this stuff costs!).  So all of my planning has been done with the strict budget in mind.  One day when we were talking about the wedding, Josh said to me that he would like to do a reception for our families once we got back from Vegas. *Sound of screeching breaks*  Mr.  I am not a sappy man at all suddenly becomes sappy?!  Are you kidding me?!  Ok well the wedding in Vegas was going to run a couple thousand dollars(which was in the budget, roughly $5k), and then come home and spend another couple thousand on a reception?  Well that just threw the budget comepletely out the window.  So I said well let's just do it all here then since you want a recpetion for our families.  Unfortunately I have regretted that decision almost ever since I suggested it.

We started to plan the wedding.  During this time Josh went to a huge rc event that is held each year in Georgia at the end of April.  He had such a blast and it was all he talked about when he got home that made me come up with the awesome idea of moving the wedding date to March 16th (date #3)so that we could attend the event next year as part of our honeymoon.  Luckily I hadn't invested more than a couple months in the planning of this date.  Not to long after our decision to move the wedding we ran into a slew of issues that were going to cause a problem holding the wedding in April.  First it was school and when my exams and such, then we hit a really hard time financially (and issue that seems to continue to plague us).  At this point with three different dates and too many obstacles to count I was fed up.  We were having such a hard time financially I just couldn't see how on earth we were going to make this happen.  It actually started to cause arguments (totally not a good thing), to the point one day I threw my hands up in the air and said I give up.  We will just go to the JOP and get married and screw it all.  Josh knows how much I want us to have a wedding.  I never really had a full wedding and he's never had one at all, only a trip to the JOP.  We are good people and deserve to have fun with this, yet it didn't seem to be working out that way.  Josh said to me, "I know how important this is to you, and g@d damnit your going to have your wedding.  We will make it work and I will do whatever I have to do so we can do this".  Here I am trying to put this all together so that he can actually experience what it is like to have a wedding, and this is his response to me - god how I love this man!

So we decided to put the wedding off.  It was official we postponed the wedding.  We talked more dates over and kept going back and forth between September and October.  He didn't want to go any later than October and honestly wasn't happy with pushing it back that far, so we decided on September. September 28th (date #4).  Now we have over a year and a half to start the planning all over and give us enough time(hopefully) to financially be able to pull this off.

I will go into detail in another post on the different aspects and design ideas that we have transitioned to and from through out this whole process and where we are ending up.  I say this because at that point you will undertstand just how devistating the next sentence will be after you see what all we went through.  Now that we had the date set in stone for Sept. 28th(or so we thought) we went searching and found our venue.  Easy enough right?  About two weeks or so before we were to sign the contract and put the deposit down we experienced a very bad patch of thunder and lightening storms in our area.  I didn't even think anything about it, it was just another set of storms that are common for Virginia at the end of August.  No big deal.  Well, it turned out to be a VERY big deal.  The venue we had our heart set on, was struck by lightening and burnt completely 100% to the ground!!!!  Holy Crap - could this really be happening to us?!

Again - arms up in the air - I give up.  Again, the same speech from Josh - "We are going to have our wedding, G@d damnit!!!!"  So, once again back to the drawing board time to pick YET another date for our wedding.  Josh wasn't to upset that we were changing the date this meant we were going to push the date back up.

I won't go into detail because I am going to include it on the trials of finding a venue portion of my bio - but I am happy to say that at the beginning of Sept. 2012 we found our venue and set the date.  

The official and final date (date #5) is set (set in stone for sure!) for June 22, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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So happy you finally found a date!! What an experinece for you two, but hopefully it has only served to make you stronger as a couple!