Jun 20, 2012


Cary meets Benjamin for the first time

Benjamin Estes and I met in Lower Brule, South Dakota. It was an unbelievable scenario. He literally walked into my classroom. I was teaching HS Art in Lower Brule at the Tribal School there. It was a Parent/Teacher Conference night and we were nearing the end of our meetings. Ben was in the school helping his mother do a program for the seniors working on college prep with thier parents. I was in the hallway and turned around, and there was this tall guy looking quite lost. From experience working with youth, it was my first reaction to offer to help him (direct him to administration since I'd never seen him and he obviously wasn't a HS parent). He told me he needed a copy. I told him I could help with that since my printer makes copies. We went to my classroom and I made him a copy and off he went...

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