Apr 18, 2014



My fiance and I met through his sister and a friend that lives in my area but keeps in touch with his family. My FSIL and friend "conspired" (lol) to find someone for my now FH.

April 18, 2012---I was asked if it was okay to recommend me to someone in California. Now usually I would say no he is too far but I decided to give it a shot because part of the problem I haven't found anyone is because I was stuck looking in the area I was living in. KEEP AN OPEN MIND i kept telling myself..

My friend sent pictures of him and I didn't know what I thought of him till I showed my sister. Her reaction was "Oh he's cute!" (lol) After the shock wore off, I realized "he IS cute isn't he??" So I told my friend he can give my number to the guy and we will see what happens from there..

well it was successful!!! our first conversation we talked for like an hour and it was great. It felt like we knew each other all out lives! :-)

He came the next month to meet my family and they all love him! i was so relieved and it made the process go so much better...

He told me he loved me in July :-) I fell in love with him in July as well when i opened up about a few things and he told me how he truly felt. I knew it was for forever :-) *tear*

*~*~*~ THE PROPOSAL *~*~*~

Fast forward to January 18, 2013!!!

After he asked my dad to marry me and he accepted, he said something to the effect of (you know you cant remember everything when your heart is jumping a milllion time fast!!!) as he is getting older he wants to have a partner in life to progress with and he has found me to be the one. Then he says "But I have one question to ask..." and he knelt down and in front of my whole family...




 WEDDING DATE SET FOR : APRIL 18, 2014 !!!!!


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What a fun story!! Love those pictures of you two!