Oct 04, 2014


the beginning to the engagement.

My name is Jacqulyne Estep and I am 24 yrs old. I was born and raised in Burton/ Flint Michigan. I have graduated high school obtained my Associated Degree in Paralegal studies, and working on my Bachelors degree. Through all of this i have had my amazing fiance. 

I am going to marry the love of my life, my best friend, my heart, the one who supports me with everything, and helps me view other ways than sometimes my own selfish/stubborn ways. I am going to marry Herbert Reedus IV, he is 27 yrs old. He is my High School Sweetheart. 

We met in December 2006, we talked for a minute and then stopped talking, then in March 2006 I searched for him on MySpace, and asked him to be my friend we continued to talk and then we went on our first date. He picked me up from school, and our first date consisted of going to the movies, but we were like 2 hours earlier for the movie. We went to see the block party (which was Lame), and while we waited on the movie to start we went to the local Wal-Mart to look around that's when I found out one of his fave movies is MIB, at that time one of the movies was being promoted it just came to DVD. after that we went back to the movies, and chilled for a while talked, and he was being cool and sitting on the bars in the back of the theatre and he almost fell it was cute. Then we went to applebee's and had dinner, after that i had him drop me off on the corner near my house. 

It went well after our first date he asked me to be his GF. And i of course said yes. Then came the fun part tell my mom. My mom was then a loving, but judgmental, and not very open minded. I was 17 when we started dating, he was 20. Only three years older and i was turning 18 in just a few months. He was a good guy came from a nice home, graduated high school, and attended college. Also he worked full time. He had his own car, but still lived at home with his parents while attending school. When i begun to tell my mother about him she wasn't thrilled !) the age difference she didn't like- Mind you my father and her were 10 years different and she started dating my father when she was 16-17. 2) he was Black and i was white- in my neighborhood or town you didn't see too many bi-racial couples- but back when i was growing up watching save the last dance i had gotten into a heated argument explaining that it was OK for all different kinds of people to be together, my step father joked that he knew then my love would be a special love to someone to opposite of what they may have envisioned for me.

He lived over an hour away, I didn't have my license at the time, so he would drive once a week to come see me and we would do weekly dates. He went to my first prom, my senior homecoming, and senior prom with me. 

I graduated June 2007. I told my mom for a long time once i graduated i was going to move out with him, and i did she was heart broken but understood. 

I then in 2009 moved out of Michigan to Texas with him and we have been here since he went back to school, I started school and we both graduated. We have career option jobs, and he is currently waiting for a position with an international company, a career stable job. 

The last few years we plan a yearly trip to Hawaii to visit his mom, then to Vegas for personal time before back to reality. This year April 2012we went to Hawaii, and i knew nothing of what was going on. then we went to Vegas. When we went to Vegas we eventually went to dinner at a place called Aquaknox, at the venetian It was amazing, but expensive (def worth the price though). He proposed to me on 4/20/2012, I was born in September and my favorite stone is a Sapphire stone, and my engagement ring has 3 Sapphire stones and 8 little diamonds, after that we went to the Ice Bar. It was a perfect vacation and a perfect proposal and i couldn't be happier with my decision to have him as my soon to be husband.

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What an awesome story!! : )   Congrats on your engagement and welcome to PW!!!!

Welcome and Congrat,Beautifu story.

Congrutulations on your engagement! When it's meant to be, it's meant to be! Welcome to PW!