Sep 02, 2012

I married my best friend on September 2, 2012, and I still love weddings and helping new brides with planning!


Robbie Rousseau Photography did our Videography. It was his first wedding, so we got a great deal, and he gained a lot of experience on what to do/what not to do! I love what he came up with! If you are really specific with what you want, then I suggest splurging on a professional videographer. We weren't going to hire one, but we couldn't pass up this deal and I am SO HAPPY we did!!

If you want to see me make a fool of myself on the dance floor watch the full length video here: (15 min)


If you want to short and sweet recap of the day, watch the day after edit here: (4 min)


(2) Comments

OMG how on earth did I missed this all this time?

I'ts GREAT! I enjoyed it very much! You look amazing and the whole day seems fun and wonderful! LOVE IT!

You had an amazing Videographer!  I really enjoyed your video's.