Feb 09, 2013


What About The Cake??

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I am not ashamed to say that im cheap lol. I just dont believe in paying top dollar for everything when you can literally find equal or even better for less. Im just a discount kinda girl. BUT what about a cake. I have been loking at publix wedding cakes. I had an old classmate who did cake decorating there and they looked fab. I was wondering has anyone on PW done a publix or grocery store wedding cake? 

These are a few im interested in......


What About The Cake photo 1 What About The Cake photo 2

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Great inspiration! Have you decided what you want to do for your cake yet?

I love this idea. I was thinking of doing cupcakes for our guest and getting a small cake. this would work perfect.

I had a Publix cake!!! It was delicious! We opted to do cupcakes for our guests and a small cake for us. We only needed 2 dozen cupcakes, so the total for our cake and the cupcakes was something like $36 dollars!!