Jul 30, 2011


Autograph Please!

Update: No longer using this since we're having a summer wedding, but hopefully winter brides can use this!

For our guestbook I have been looking for alternatives from the traditional.  I love the blurb books that people have made, the vases, signed objects such as guitars, and matted pics.  However, I think that I would like to use this idea I saw on where they used ornaments.  Hopefully I can find some that are unique and durable after the next Christmas or so (clearance sales!).  While I don't want our wedding to be focused on Christmas, this is my favorite holiday and I think it would be neat to pull these out each year:

Autograph Please photo 1

Perhaps we could use these that I saw on Restoration Hardware:

Autograph Please photo 2Autograph Please photo 3Autograph Please photo 4Autograph Please photo 5

Although, maybe finding a bunch of cute random ones would be fun and let people choose one based on what they like would be an entertaining alternative as well.

I think it would be cute to hang the ornaments on a metal tree or something similar.  However, the ones I found at are a little pricey.  I'll keep looking...

Update: FI just told me he likes the Blurb book idea the best, so we'll see.

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What a creative idea!!!  I love it!

love your bio! and i want your doggy! sooooooo adorable!

that's a great creative idea!  i think it's perfect.  i too, looked into alternatives for the guestbook but ended up giving in the blurb idea =(.  i think you'll get some great pics and memories from it too!

Wow, your wedding is going to be super unique and creative.  I can't wait to see how it looks when it all comes together. :D