Aug 14, 2009



Finding shoes has been difficult, simply because there are so many cute shoes out there.  Here's the pair I ended up ordering from Zappos.  This particular style is called Lily.  I am going to have to have two pairs of shoes because the first pair is really high (4.5") & so difficult to walk in.  The second pair is the pair I will be wearing during the reception, they are also from Zappos; they are by Rsvp & called Toni.

 Shoes photo 1 Shoes photo 2


I purchased some cute rhinestone stickers, that I will be placing on the bottom of my shoes.  I will probably put 'I Do' one them, or perhaps just my soon to be initials...

Shoes photo 3

(2) Comments

I LOVE the last pink pair with the bow!!  It goes perfect with your colors and the fun-ness of your wedding!!

I actually got the Steve Madden pair (bottom right) for my wedding and so far they've been comfy when I've tried them on.