Nov 10, 2012


The Wedding!

It snowed both Thursday and Friday before the wedding.  It was even snowing at 4:30 am the day of.


The Wedding photo 1

This was the house we stayed in.

The Wedding photo 2

Getting ready:

The Wedding photo 3The Wedding photo 4The Wedding photo 5

The ceremony

The Wedding photo 6


The Wedding photo 7

Wedding party

The Wedding photo 8

And, the snow pic

The Wedding photo 9

Back inside for the reception.  The cake!

And the other cake.  (Yes, we had two!)

Goofing around...

The mascots (and yes, the groom(dragon) is wearing a kilt!)

Four generations

I wanted to repeat my grandparent's wedding photo so this is our version.


The sparkler exit.

(10) Comments

Beautiful! Just beautiful!!

(want more prety please)

That is beautiful! Who knew a Pirate could really sweep a girl off her feet.

Love them! What a beautiful wedding xx

Wow, these are gorgeous pics!!! I love your initials in the snow!!!  Congrats MRS!!!