Jul 13, 2013


Dress X 2

So these are the dresses...

I will be wearing San Patric's "Roseton" dress that I foud at Pronivias sale..

Here is on the model

Dress X 2 photo 1 Dress X 2 photo 2

And on me, when I tried it in the store..

Dress X 2 photo 3 Dress X 2 photo 4

And the Dressilyme dress I bought erlier in the summer

Dress X 2 photo 5 Dress X 2 photo 6

I love them both, and will probably use them both, the roseton for the churchand the dressilyme for a trash te dress maby? I'm not sure yet..

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Ooh, I love both of these!!!

Thanks ladies! My first fitting is comming soon!

I still can't get enough of your dress!

Both dresses are beautiful