Jul 20, 2013


The wedding planning progresses . . .

This year has been a terribly trying year for Eddie and I. Earlier this year my father became very ill and we thought we would lose him.  His recovery has been slow but steady.  Many prayers are being said that he continues to be well and will be able to walk with my mom (actually my stepmother who raised me from 19 months on) and I down the aisle next July.  In June, my biological mother found out that her cancer was back and incurable.  She went home on hospice.  I was able to fly down to see her in July and she passed away just two weeks later.  She didn't raise me and we didn't have a mother - daughter type relationship but there was some strange security knowing that she lurked around somewhere . . . and that I could count on seeing her every year or so.


Anyway as my parents have taught me - life goes on and so shall too the wedding.  Because of all of the excitement this year in our family we had to postpone our wedding date.  When considering dates we sat down with my parents (Eddie's parents are both deceased) and in the end we decided to select July 20th next year.  We chose that date because on July 19th they will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.  Eddie and I couldn't be happier to share such a remarkable weekend with them. Their parish priest (my former parish priest and long time friend) will travel here to Memphis to participate in the wedding and to bless them at the end of the Nuptial Mass.


Eddie and I have met all of the requirements to marry in the Catholic church with the help of one of our parish priest Father Eduardo.  We were both previously married - so we had to go through the annulment process.  As of a few months ago - we got the go ahead to marry in the Church.  This is very important to us.  Through the process we got to know, love and become friends with Fr. Eduardo.  Sadly this past weekend we had to say goodbye to him.  He was reassigned to a parish in Miami.  Fortunately he will still marry us - we will just have to fly him back to Memphis to do it.


We will be married at St. Peter Catholic Church in Memphis.  This is an absolutely gorgeous church and the congregation is wonderful.  Simply walking into the church feels like a big, warm hug. 

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Our reception will be at the Madison Hotel downtown.  I love this venue.  It's a boutique hotel with just over 100 rooms and an intimate ballroom for 150 (or less).  We chose this venue because it is unique, it's in the heart of downtown and it isn't a big box, national brand . . . oh and it is within our budget (with a small stretch, of course).


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Absolutely gorgeous church! There's just something about church weddings that get me every time.

Gorgeous venues.

Beautiful church and reception venue! The church is so amazing and I can't wait to see what you do with the reception space!

I love the venue.  It's perfect