Jul 20, 2013


DIY projects


Originally I wanted to add a little different spin to our wedding.  Because we are "sharing" a wedding/anniversary weekend with my parents I wanted to have a 60's retro spin on our traditional wedding.  Unfortunately the gown that I wanted is being phased out and can't be bought in my size - so I opted for a different but similar gown that with alterations will give me the look that I want. 

Because all of my grandparents have passed away; FI's parents and grandparents are no longer with us; and my mother passed this year - I had the idea of having a brooch bouquet of various pins that have been passed down to us.  I didn't stop there though.  I asked various friends and family to either give or loan me brooches to add to my bouquet.  In the end, I had about 200 various brooches, pins and earrings.  Of course, not all would fit in my bouquet - so I used approximately 85 to my bouquet; used 25 for the small bouquet that my mom (see the other pages in my bio about my "mom" who is actually my stepmother) will carry; some will be used along with fresh flowers for my bridesmaid bouquets; and some will be used to secure and embellish pew sashes at the church.

My bouquet is still a project in progress but here are some preliminary photos.


Brooch bouquet:

DIY projects photo 1

DIY projects photo 2

I still have to add the feathers into the bouquet and the feather boa/halo around the base then wrap the handle.


Here is the small bouquet that I made for my mom - it looks bigger than it really is.  It's actually just over the size of a fist.


DIY projects photo 3

This is a crucifix that my mom's mother had in her belongings when she passed.  It came off of one of her old rosarys. I pinned it on the handle of her bouquet.

DIY projects photo 4



Centerpieces - I'm still confused and unsure of what we will do for centerpieces. But I knew that we wanted to integrate mercury glass into them some way - simply because it's vintage and seems to suit the old, jazzy hotel vibe of the Madison.  We are watching our pennies and budget very closely because we would rather the majority of our money go towards the food, drink and party to follow the wedding - that is the part that most remember and enjoy anyway.

That said - one of our dear friends at church who is also a chef gave us a case of 48 hi ball glasses that were simple and kind of a smokey color.  After looking online and on Pinterest - we got the idea of DIYing some mercury glass votive holders.  FI didn't like the bright, shiny mercury glass DIY look because he said they didn't look "old enough" and looked more like a modern, new attempt to look old.  So in our infinite wisdom we opted to use the bright chrome spray paint rather than the looking glass paint.

We tried a couple of different ways to get the look we want and in the end we really like the look.  They look aged and I hope they don't look too DIY.

We spray painted the interior or the glasses; waited a minute; then sprayed the inside with half vinegar and half water.  Some we used papertowels to wipe off the water droplets and some we just let bubble the way they were then buffed after the paint had dried.  Here is the result.

DIY projects photo 5

DIY projects photo 6

DIY projects photo 7DIY projects photo 8

DIY projects photo 9



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I love these!! :D

That bouquet is stunning! It's certainly going to be a detail that has all of your guests talking. How cool that so many people were able to be a part of it!

WOW that is a beautiful bouquet and I loved the votives. What a nice story of the two of you as well.

AMAZING.  Both turned out so beautifully!  I truly hope you tackle more DIY projects - you're so talented!!!