Aug 14, 2009


Veil & Garters & Misc.

I had a lady on Etsy who made a custom veil for me.  It's ivory colored, single tier, with freshwater pearl droplets hanging off the edge.  Made by Remnants by Eva on Etsy.  It is just as gorgeous in person & I think it will look perfect with my dress.  You can find my raving review of Eva here.

Veil Garters Misc photo 1 

  Veil Garters Misc photo 2 Veil Garters Misc photo 3

I was looking at Garters on Etsy & came across a few that are pretty!  I decided to go with the one below, which is from GarterLady.  I already received the garter, which is nice, but in all honestly it doesn't look as pretty as the one in the photo.  I was a little disappointed, especially after paying close to $30 for it.  :(  Alas, I am keeping this garter as a keepsake & am purchasing a toss garter.

First photo is GarterLady's photo, the last two are of my actual garter that I took photos of.

Veil Garters Misc photo 4

Veil Garters Misc photo 5

Veil Garters Misc photo 6 My something blue...

Here's my toss garter.  It's made by PetereneDesign.  Mine will have a champagne colored garter (band), chocolate brown lace underneath, accented with the hot pink flower.  :) You should check out their store, they have a ton of reasonably priced (not to mention beautiful) garters to choose from.

Veil Garters Misc photo 7

I just  LOVE this ombre dress from Cache for the rehearsal dinner, but not sure if I want to spend $168 on it.  Isn't it to die for?  :)

Veil Garters Misc photo 8

Here's my custom wedding dress hanger from Tokyo Blues on Etsy.  Isn't it gorgeous?  She is very talented!

Veil Garters Misc photo 9

Veil Garters Misc photo 10

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Oh my gosh. I love that garter. I'm going to check them out!

Check ebay too... I got my veil for $25!!

i've heard great things about Candi Merle (Crowning Glory Designs) and this place http://www.occanseydesigns.com/ is supposed to have great prices.  Check out my Hair stylist, Giao Nguyen's etsy shop for birdcage veils.  I'm sure you'll look great in anything you choose.