Aug 14, 2009


Odds & Ends

Here's our custom ring box from Etsy seller funwallart.  Isn't it adorable?!

Odds Ends photo 1

Here's my hot pink satin clutch for the wedding.  I got it at Off Broadway shoe warehouse!  They had a ton of different styles & colors!

Odds Ends photo 2

Just the other day I was at Hobby Lobby & found some cheap paper parasols; they were less than $5 each.  I got the fuschia ones for my BM's.  I ordered the chocolate one for myself & a smaller version of the chocolate one for my daughter, the flower girl.   I also ordered a few fans in the chocolate color for the moms.  I ordered the brown items at Luna Bazaar.  They shipped my order they very next day.  I am waiting for them to arrive.

Odds Ends photo 3Odds Ends photo 4Odds Ends photo 5

DIY-  Feather pen.  Not sure if I will use it, but here it is...  :)

Odds Ends photo 6 Odds Ends photo 7

Odds Ends photo 8

My mom made the cardbox, pen stand & the wishbook for us!  She did a great job!

Odds Ends photo 9 Odds Ends photo 10

Odds Ends photo 11 Odds Ends photo 12


I purchased the Martha Stewart Guestbook/Wishbook, as pictured below.  My mom is going to cover it to match our colors.  My inspiration for the guestbook is the photo directly aboveOdds Ends photo 13

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I think your garter looks great!!

ohh i love number 2. i almost bought it for my bpics, but went with something simple. Your bio is great, i think youll have a beautiful wedding!