Aug 14, 2009



I am going with Your Neighborhood Florist in Ventura county ast my florist for the big day.  Susie is the owner & she is so sweet!  I have just spoken with her over the phone & feel like I have known her for a long time.  Her prices are unbeatable! 

We have decided to go with roses & peonies for our flowers.  My bouquet will be an assortment of pinks & the BM's will have pink bouquets as well. The BM's bouquets will be very petite & sweet. 

Here's my floral inspirations...

1st photo is from slurpee's wedding.  :)

Florals photo 1

 Florals photo 2Florals photo 3

As far as centerpieces go I am going with something very similar to this.  The flowers will be pink in color & the ribbon will be turquoise.  The photo was actually borrowed from my florists website.

Florals photo 4

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That's a great choice! You guys look awesome! I was thinking about green, brown and dark red for my wedding. How do you like it?

Lucretia from do my research papers center.

yay! i was about to say yay for pink and brown (though i know you are brown and champagne, with pink as an accent)! :P but i see my bridesmaids and i on your page! wooot! haha.

congrats on your upcoming nuptials!! everything looks like it will be beautiful!