Aug 14, 2009



Being that my dress has lots of fabulous detail along the bust, I have opted to not wear a necklace & just wear some statement earrings & a bracelet.

Here's my brooch bracelet & my daughter's brooch bracelet that my mom made us.

Jewelry photo 1

I am having a hard time committing to a pair of earrings.  I've purchasd three pairs.  (See my post below where I'm selling two pairs.)

I ordered these beauties from Prim & Pixie. The earrings came quickly & they are gorgeous in person.  However, after paying a large chunk of a change for these I was extremely disappointed when they arrived with the bottom rhinestone floating around the inside of the box.  I super glued it back in & am crossing my fingers that they can make it through the wedding day in one piece.  :(

Jewelry photo 2

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Gorgeous earrings!! You should put them on and take a pic!!!

the earrings are super beautiful. That is an absolute bummer that they were broke like that. Mine from carolee were like that  too and my set was like $600. You think when you drop the $$$ they would be worth. I'm crossing my fingers hoping yours hold for your big day :)

I found the brooch on ebay!  :)

where did you find the brooch to make the bracelet?