Feb 09, 2013


Cake Table Letters and Invites

I think my theme has turned from non-existant to GLITTER. But what can i say i am my grandmothers child......HA! Well I bought the plain wood letters from Hob Lob and coveres them with this thick scrapbook paper. Used some tacky glue and glued the etters and paper together. Cut them out with an exacto knife and tada! And these invites.....DO NOT BUY DIY invites that you have to put together. I added the ribbon cuz it was very blah. I only got these because they were on clearence at Michaels for $9??  I had to buy ink. Ribbon blah blah blah...Its annoying and my fingers hurt! Just let someone else make them. Save your time and sanity! OHHHH and dont waste your time on making photobooth props. Just buy them!


Cake Table Letters and Invites photo 1

Cake Table Letters and Invites photo 2

Cake Table Letters and Invites photo 3



(2) Comments

Girl you better do it!!! The cake letters look fabulous and I love the invites! It was a labor of love but you did a fantastic job!

Love those letters!! I am a glitter girl too hehe! Everything looks better with sparkle ;)