Mar 16, 2017

What can I say, I'm a ambitious woman who works hard for what she wants. Please don't mistake my ambition for material things. Yes, I like nice things and feels everything has a place in the world. But, needless to say, I love making pleasurable memories with my family. MY LOVE IS THEIR LOVE & THEIR LOVE IS MY LOVE <3

My hubby and I

11 years ago , my hubby and i met in the mall at our home town. I didn't like him at first, i didn't think he was my type when he approached me. But i agreed to go out with him on a date anyway, ...and glad i did. A month after dating, we were engaged!....WOW, that was fast!... 7 months after that, we were married...(March 13, 2003...his grandmother birthday...RIP Mrs. Otha Mae...) Through the years we had our ups and downs but with our faith in God, we didnt kill eachother...lol! We had 6 children in total... Yes SIX! I had two from a previous relationship, he had one from a previous relationship and we had three together...Niyana (14) Damion (13) Zaire (12) Nasier (10) NeKayla (9) and James, jr. (7... passed away at age 5 from cancer :'(  ...)... that makes 6 :)...My hubby came up with the idea of renewing our vows to bring family and freinds closer in a happy time...usually a group of people come together in a time of tragety (death..) In our ceremony we will have a memorial for all the loved ones who we lost along the way...giving them thanks for being a part of our lives and knowing  they will be there in spirit... I want to thank everyone for viewing my page and leaving kind thought through this experience I know i will meet some great people along the way... From my heart to ours....Leese33

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thanks fearce

Great! I'm sure it'll be beautiful!

There is an up date for my wedding ....so we decided to do an ALL WHITE BACKYARD WEDDING/COOK-OUT STYLE RECEPTION... with this we are going to do a 2000 balloon release in memory of our son (each balloon will represent how many days he was alive)...we also going to have a unity candle and a love letter ceremony....our guest list is about 60 people (only close fam and friends!)....we already starting to prepare by planting white running roses and trees with white blooms and fertilizing the grass...we also are going to build a arch with roses running through them....and plant other white flower that will return each year....and in the end our yard will be even more beautiful... lights and candles will be accembled for the night party....We will also have a cook-out style reception ....I CANT WAIT ....im so ready to post my pics of everything .....

I'm so sorry for your loss... I'm sure he will be smiling looking down!