Aug 08, 2013

We had an intimate 15 yr vow renewal in Las Vegas!

15th Anniversary & Vow Renewal

We are planning a "just the two of us" 15th anniversary/vow renewal ceremony in Las Vegas for 8/8/2013 at 8 p.m. (When we were first married there 15 years ago in a larger wedding with about 55 people in attendance and partied till midnight).  This will be an elegant, private time for just us to reflect on our marriage and also to have a photo shoot.  We are doing the ceremony in a penthouse suite with a terrace in a high-rise in Vegas with a strip-view, so hoping for great photos :)  Then we will go out on the town for dinner, etc.  

I already have my dress - an ivory lace cocktail sheath with 3/4 sleeves, and shoes that may be too tall for me, LOL (they were on sale and matched the dress!).  Planning on silks for flowers as we live in L.A. and will just transport them there with us, along with wedding photos, and some decor to be decided on.  I have booked an amazing Wedding Officiant & planner, she is helping to pull it all together for me.

DH and I are looking at a anniversary ring - I fell in love with an "infinity ring" from Tiffany's - because our magic number is an 8, and if you turn an 8 sideways, it's infinity, just like how long love is supposed to last...  

We are also working on a new "song" - the lady who sang at our wedding did such a bad job, we don't want any of those songs, so we are listening to music right now trying to come up with something appropriate for US - but I like alt. rock, and he loves the blues, so it's a bit of a struggle trying to find the perfect song, LOL...  we have time...

more to come...

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Congratulations!! The plan sounds great!!!!!

How sweet! I can't wait until we can celebrate 15 years of LOVE!

Aren't Vow Renewals JUST SPLENDID!!!

Awww! I just loved reading this and I love your profile picture!